Short North C-pass

Pilot Program Offering Monthly COTA Access to Those Who Frequent the Short North

Do you live, work or play in the Short North Arts District? If so, then you qualify for monthly access to COTA’s fixed-route services through our new Short North C-pass pilot program. There is no cost to participate. This spring and summer, you can ride COTA to work, home and everywhere in between for no fare! Getting started is simple.

Get Moving With Short North C-pass

This program is not the same as a COTA monthly pass. To take advantage of Short North C-pass, you need to use the Transit app* or Smartcard.

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play store on your smartphone and download the Transit app.

2. Click “Buy” on the homescreen and follow the prompts to create your COTA account. Note: You can skip adding a payment method.

3. Locate your “Account ID.” Click “Settings” and select the star icon at the top. Scroll to “My memberships” and click on “COTA.” Copy your account ID. You’ll need this ID to register your Short North C-pass account below.

*If you do not have access to a smartphone, you can also work with COTA Customer Care to get these same benefits through a COTA Smartcard.

Short North C-pass Registration

Once you have set up your COTA account through the Transit app, you are ready to register for Short North C-pass. Simply complete the form below. Once your registration is accepted, a member of Team COTA will add $62 to your account, which is the most you will ever pay during a calendar month thanks to the Transit app’s fare capping technology.

Short North C-pass funds do not reload automatically. Each month, you will need to complete this form again to continue using the Short North C-pass program.

    Do you live, work or play in the Short North?

    Please note that Short North C-pass funds are only available while supplies last. It takes 1- 2 business days for Short North C-pass funds to be added to your COTA account within the Transit app. Thank you for your patience!


    We’re here to help! Contact COTA Customer Care for assistance.