Our Collective Passions Guide the Road Ahead

At COTA, we are proud of our strong leadership team that is dedicated to improving the quality of our community’s transit system and the lives it touches. The COTA team includes our executive leadership, directors and board members. At every level, COTA is committed to helping you get where you’re going.

Steering us Toward Transportation Innovation, Quality and Equity

COTA’s leadership is committed to excellence in serving all of our stakeholders – customers, employees and taxpayers. We deliver quality transportation services and conduct business courteously, safely, ethically and reliably. Every day, we demonstrate fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious leadership.




Picture of Monica Téllez-Fowler

Monica Téllez-Fowler


Monica Téllez-Fowler has a decade-long track record of excellence in transit and in fiscal operations, human resources and information technology. She joined COTA as Chief Operating Officer in March 2023, following her tenure as Deputy CEO/Treasurer of Clark County Public Transit Benefit Area Authority (C-TRAN) in Vancouver, Washington where she fully embraced innovation and collaboration. Téllez-Fowler also served as Chief Financial Officer of Trinity Metro in Fort Worth, Texas prior to C-TRAN. She earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Tarleton State University, graduating as a distinguished scholar.

Picture of Garth Weithman

Garth Weithman

Chief of Staff

Picture of Andy Biesterveld

Andy Biesterveld

Chief Engineer & Mechanical Officer

Picture of Nikki Brandon

Nikki Brandon

Chief Human Resources Officer

Picture of Erin Delffs

Erin Delffs

Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Patrick Harris

Patrick Harris

Vice President, External Relations

Picture of Amy Hockman

Amy Hockman

Chief of Transit Operations

Picture of Monica Jones

Monica Jones

Chief Equity Officer

Picture of Sophia Mohr

Sophia Mohr

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Picture of Christina Wendell

Christina Wendell

Chief Legal/General Counsel