Press Release12/15/2021

Board Approves 2022 Operating Budget to Continue Innovative Mobility Service to Central Ohio Communities

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Board of Trustees today unanimously adopted a $195 million operating budget to continue innovative mobility options for the Columbus Region. Presented to the board by Chief Financial Officer Angel Mumma, the 2022 budget will dip into the organization’s reserves to provide essential, reliable transit service for a growing community.

“The approval of COTA’s budget ensures we will continue to meet the growing mobility needs of this community next year,” said Board of Trustees Chair Craig P. Treneff. “COTA will closely monitor its long-term financial sustainability so we can deliver our essential mobility services well into the future.”

“This 2022 budget demonstrates responsible and proactive planning which is crucial to our commitment to provide customers access to social and economic prosperity,” said COTA President/CEO Joanna M. Pinkerton. “I am grateful for the support and counsel from all members of the board on this budget which is focused on moving us toward a more equitable and connected community while evaluating long-term financial sustainability of services.”

Several 2022 budget highlights include:

  • Continued integration of COTA//Plus, Bus-on-Demand and Mainstream-on-Demand services to infuse flexibility in mobility service models
  • Continued implementation of fare management modernization to create a more accessible and equitable system for all customers
  • Infrastructure to support management, development and analysis of critical data and data architecture systems
  • Modified marketing and communication strategies to reach both existing, returning and new COTA customers